Pinon Apprentice Painter II

Painter duties and responsibilities

Employing Painters who are competent is important for the image and success of your business. The most common tasks that Painters are required to perform are:

  • Communicating with clients to determine their painting requirements and helping them make the best decisions for their projects
  • Assembling scaffolding as required
  • Covering trim, floors, furniture and other surfaces with masking tape, drop cloths and other protective coverings to keep them free of paint
  • Setting up ventilators and other safety equipment to protect Painters from unhealthy fumes
  • Preparing surfaces to be painted by washing them, filling holes and cracks with putty and sanding them until they’re smooth
  • Applying primer and other sealers to paint surfaces to ensure that paint sticks to them
  • Mixing and matching paint, stain and other finishes to job specifications
  • Applying paint, stain and other finishes to paint surfaces using paintbrushes, rollers or sprayers
  • Maintaining an inventory of supplies like paint brushes, rollers and tarps
  • Removing old finish using scrapers, chemical compounds or blowtorches
  • Estimating time and material costs on painting projects
  • Cleaning machines, equipment and work areas using water, solvents and other cleaning aids
  • Reviewing and implementing work orders and assignments
  • Removing and reinstalling fixtures (e..g, doorknobs, electric switch covers) as necessary
  • Following safeguards, rules and regulations
$19 – 22

90 Days

Yes – After 90 days